Here, we can develope some products that you sell called your MVPs (minimum viable products). These can be simple items like story-telling consulting or 4-hours of copy editing.

pen and paper

Content Consulting

Pay per idea

Clients can meet with you via video conference and consult with you on editorial content. Help writers get unstuck and/or tighten up articles. Clients can "pick the brain" of a published professional writer.


Copy Editing

pay per hour

Give clients the opportunity to purchase your editing expertise with hourly copy editing packages. We can build different tiered packages that range from 1 hour of copy edits to unlimited edits for $x,000/month


Original articles

pay per word

Here, you could give clients the opportunity to purchase articles from you. We could break it down into tiers where they pay per word, or you could even have a flat rate for 5 minute reads, etc.