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5 Reasons Why You Should Work In Social Media

Before I extol the virtues of this profession, I wanted to reiterate a few things, to cull the truly faint-of-heart from proceeding any further down this career path. There are a lot of terrible facets to working in social media. Go read my original post if you think I’m kidding. From 24/7 availability, to the overemphasis on numbers, to having very little room for errors, social media is stressful af.

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The American Museum of Natural History Is Much, Much More Than The ‘Dead Animal Zoo’*

Enter Museum Hack. The rebellious love child of team-building exercises and traditional docent-led jaunts gone delightfully awry, their “renegade tours” are the ideal antidote for jaded New Yorkers looking for a new perspective on one of our city’s premier educational institutions/essential tourist destinations/mandatory family fun outings.

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