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5 Reasons Why You Should Work In Social Media

Before I extol the virtues of this profession, I wanted to reiterate a few things, to cull the truly faint-of-heart from proceeding any further down this career path. There are a lot of terrible facets to working in social media. Go read my original post if you think I’m kidding. From 24/7 availability, to the overemphasis on numbers, to having very little room for errors, social media is stressful af.

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How I Roller-Skated My Way To A New Beginning

A year ago, I’d never seen roller derby. Said boyfriend brings me to a game, and I’m blown away. Derby skaters are badass women who know how to give and take a hit. They work together quickly, flawlessly, violently, blocking their opponents while their scoring players rack up points. The passion these women feel for their sport is matched by hundreds of supporters in attendance. I’m smitten. I’m not doing anything outside of work, and work is increasingly soul-crushing. I decide right there and then. I would skate, even if it killed me.

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