I’m Chatting About Creepypastas on ‘Creepypodsta’, Now Streaming!

Hey there spoopy people!

If you like podcasts, creepypastas, and too many spoops to count, have I got just the thing for you!

My pal Jeff Kowalski hosted yours truly (and the lovely, hilarious Cassie Kingsbury) on CREEPYPODSTA: THE CREEPYPASTA PODCAST, and it’s NOW STREAMING for your pleasure!

On this week’s episode, we chat about The Crawlspace, which I picked because the title sounded SO PROMISING.

All I’ll say here about The Crawlspace is this: I’m so, so sorry.

Check her out here! http://www.weaponizedlanguage.com/creepypodsta-95/

Or, get it on iTunes.

Or, here it is in Android.

Still doing RSS? We got you covered.

Ciao, pasta people! I might have another episode coming up very, very soon… stay tuned. 👻

 So many spoops.

So many spoops.